Tuesday, July 19, 2016

MWHITF: Reworked Agenda for Meeting 5

News Flash: the agenda for Wednesday's meeting of the MWHI Task Force has been changed.  To  Item 2, which is still given only 30 minutes, five bullets have been added  and the list of panelists has changed.  The five bullets are Nonpayment (presumably of rent), Occupancy, Criminal Background, Health Partnerships and Other.  Then, under Item 3, it appears that Mr. Reed will not be speaking about GOODS Services (or anything else), and that Mr. Khosravi will be giving a 50-minute demonstration about his network of care concept.  That's seems like a lot of time for the Task Force to spend on a product they're seeing for the first time.  Seems like that would go to a committee first, you know?  [7/21 Update: Commissioner Carlson indicated on Wednesday that Mr. Khosravi had spoken with the co-Chairs at their last meeting, her idea.]

Finally, under Item 4, a bit of stick has been added as a NOTE: committees need to start presenting proposals, any proposals, just present some danged proposals or it looks like we're not doing anything.  Please.

Covering the newly-added subjects under Item 2 will be Task Force member Kathleen Ashley, secretary of the Salem Rental Housing Association and owner of Making Homes Happen, Inc., Cathie Miles of Shelter Management, Inc., Nicole Utz of the Salem Housing Authority, and Valerie White, of Encompass Management and Consulting, Inc..  Admittedly, these new additions to the agenda look like they might actually have some relevant knowledge and experience (not that the previous rental managers panel didn't have those things, they just didn't look like they had them).

How the Task Force expects to cover all those subjects in 30 minutes we have no idea, especially as it seems they're trying to understand the barriers to renting both private and public housing.  The Task Force could easily spend the entire time talking about the criminal history barrier, especially considering HUD's recent guidance disfavoring the use of criminal background as an automatic disqualifier.  [7/21 Update: they ran out of time.]

As for Item 3, while 50 minutes is definitely not too much time to spend on
Demoe: Not on Agenda
service coordination, that's not what planned.  As noted, what's planned is a demonstration of a webby data base thing used in places other than Oregon, mostly California and Texas.  zzzzzz.  If the Task Force wants to try to understand the local challenges to service coordination, they just need to call up the guy that's been sitting in the back of the room at every Task Force meeting so far:  Brent Demoe, Polk County's Family and Community Services Director and Service Integration guru.    

As of this writing, the first edition is still what's posted to the MWHITF website, so here for your convenience is the meat of the second and latest edition:

First edition:

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