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MWHITF: Agenda for Meeting 7

New October Agenda
Runaway and homeless youth remains the focus of tomorrow's meeting after changes to the agenda (see original here).  Expect to hear encore pitches for a youth shelter (ages 10-17) in Salem (made 8/25 to the Public Safety committee) and for additional supports for the SK24J STEP program (made 9/15 to the Support Services/Education committee). You can find the written materials submitted at those meetings here and a summary of supports needed for the STEP program here.  (The relationship between domestic violence and homelessness being well known and DV programs like CHS being very well supported in this community and statewide, it's likely that this part of the program is informational only, and unlikely that there will be any requests or recommendations in this area.) 

To recap an earlier blog, RHY is the number one priority of the Public Safety committee, so, after the 8/25 presentation, they resolved to have a "grants conceptual group to expand [RHY] services in Marion/Polk [C]ounties."  The only known consequence of that resolution was the announcement at the last ROCC meeting that MWVCAA was interested in competing on behalf of Marion and Polk Counties (ROCC Region 7) for a HUD Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program grant (along with Regions 6 and 2).  It's long shot, though, because our only chance is to compete as a rural community, and it's highly unlikely we qualify as a rural community under HUD rules.  The application deadline is November 30.  Perhaps we'll hear something about the status of our application at the meeting.  [10/18 Update: it was announced at the meeting that all 3 Regions minus Yamhill will be applying as an urban community, which means we'll be competing with all the other urban communities in the U.S. for one of 6 slots.  According to higher ups in ROCC in a position to know about such things, we have no chance.] 

In considering how (whether?) to RHY expand services, the Task Force and interested persons will want to pay particular attention to the data (what there is of it), and consider, for example, what  proportion of homeless kids that are "unaccompanied" as opposed to being in homeless families.  
Salem-Keizer Public Schools (count is not unduplicated)
The original agenda for this meeting did not include the 20-minute Q&A with the RHY "Panel" (presumably the four presenters and hopefully a couple of youth with lived experience).   Hopefully, the Task Force will ask the panel what trends the above numbers reflect.  What accounts for the steady rise in the number of homeless elementary and middle school students?  Why does the number of high school/unaccompanied (presumably high school) students trend downward?  Are they dropping out?  What are they doing instead of finishing school?  Are they staying in the community?  Or do they head to Eugene or Portland?  Why?  And do the trends reflected here support the need for a shelter for minors?

No new recommendations or updates have been posted, but it should not be a surprise that the time allotted to that part of the meeting was cut in half (from 40 to 20 minutes), as not much has happened since the September Task Force meeting, and only two committees have any future meetings scheduled*: 

SP Goals 1 & 5 - Affordable Housing and Finance - met 1x, no quorum - nxt mtg not scheduled  [10/17 update - nxt mtg 11/3]

SP Goal 2 - Transitional Housing/Shelter - met 1x, recommended that the Task Force authorize staff to inventory vacant and distressed properties in Marion/Polk that might be used for housing or shelter - nxt mtg 10/20

SP Goal 3 - Support Services/Education - did not meet - nxt mtg 10/19

SP Goal 4 - Public Safety - met 1x, no recommendation that we can recall - nxt mtg not scheduled [10/17 update - nxt mtg 11/9]

SP Goal 6 - Veterans - met 1x, unknown whether any recommendations have been made, or whether the field trip to Eugene occurred or is still in the works - nxt mtg not scheduled [10/17 update: field trip planned for 11/14]
SP Goal 7 - Community Engagement - did not meet, but might have some survey results to share - next mtg not scheduled - nxt mtg not scheduled
For more detail about previous committee activities and recommendations, see here and here.  For a discussion of the recommendations adopted at the Task Force's September meeting see here.

As noted elsewhere, the subjects allotted to the November and December meeting have been moved into 2017 (dates now set for January 23 and February 7).  Perhaps there will be some explanation for what's planned for November and December at the meeting tomorrow.

*The Health and Housing committee is not covered here as it's not really a Task Force committee. 

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