Tuesday, November 1, 2016

MWHITF: Agenda for Meeting 8

Karen Ray

Without irony, the Task Force co-Chairs have announced that the Task Force, sans Polk County, will at their next meeting be listening to an out-of-state consultant, a specialist in collaboration, no less, summarize their actions over the past nine months, the recommendations they've adopted so far, those they've yet to adopt, and then tell them how they might move to the implementation phase.  Hour and a half on that.

Think Ms. Ray will be talking about the events and circumstances that led Polk County to drop out?  It's not on the agenda, unless it's included in item C, "other."  Maybe she doesn't think it's relevant.  We'll just end homelessness on this side of the river, then?

The weirdness of the co-Chairs' refusal to acknowledge Polk County's dropping out aside, it must be said that the hiring of a consultant to speak to the Task Force in a formal meeting about anything also seems weird.  But it's especially weird for anyone to be talking about implementation, given Commissioner Carlson's and others' unequivocal statements that the Task Force will "end" in February 2017, and that "the community" will be the ones implementing the recommendations, not the Task Force.  Is Ms. Ray going to tell the Task Force how to get the community to implement their recommendations, then?  Is that the plan?

The memorandum on which the Task Force will be taking action has not been published.  We will update the blog if and when it is.

Draft version

[11/4 Update: the memo was sent out (first in draft form, then in final), and posted to the webpage late Friday afternoon. We've pasted both versions here.

Note that there's not a lot of difference between the two versions.  Both beg the question, what happened to prompt such  statements?  Obviously something happened, why pretend it didn't?]

Final version
[11/4 Update (cont'd): of what possible significance are we to attribute to the legalism (added to the revised version), that "The Task Force affirms that [the] charters...remain intact"?  Who in their right mind cares about the charters

What normal people care about, and should care about, is what circumstances and events caused Polk County to announce that they were not interested in participating further in Task Force proceedings, and what was done to repair the rift.  Let's have a memo on that, please.]


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