Monday, November 28, 2016

PTTF: Agenda for Meeting 9

Monday evening before a Thursday meeting.  The agenda's not been posted as promised, so we'll chat a bit about the news from today's committee meetings.

The Caplinger Road project (108 units) has been scrapped, Ron Hays announced today at the Affordable Housing committee meeting.  The Portland Road project (180 units at 3350 Portland Road NE) depends on tax credits and LIFT funding, and probably a bunch of other stuff (read: might not happen).  That's about all there was to come out of that meeting, not counting the formal adoption of certain informal recommendations previously published.

The Transitional Housing/Shelter committee also met today, and had a lively discussion over whether to recommend that Marion/Polk seriously consider seceding from ROCC, with staff and the Center for Hope and Safety weighing in "against", and the Union Gospel Mission and Salvation Army arguing, basically, "for" anything that was likely to address this community's long-standing need to coordinate services effectively.  Unfortunately, we had to leave the meeting before the matter was decided.

Ah, here it is, the agenda's come through a little after 5.  Well, as you can see, there's not much there.  The PACE Project item is the MBAs that Commissioner Carlson dug up to help make sure there weren't "just really big things that we are missing in our sub-committees, just because we don't know what we don't know." She also wants them to "come up with measurements" so subsequent generations can know "did we make a difference" with their strategic plan.  That's 20 minutes.

[11/29 Update: the second set of proposed recommendations have been pasted below, renumbered to follow the first set, which were adopted in September.]

The next item of arguable interest (25 minutes) is the discussion based on a memo from Karen Ray, which was required by the terms of her contract with Marion County.  Looks to be consistent with her advice at the last meeting, but, somehow, it manages to be even more ridiculous in this format.   

Kinda reminds us of Rafael Behr's recent description of Teresa May's "enigmatic confidence" about the government's approach to Brexit:

She hired the Brexit tailors, who promised an outfit spun from a new luxuriant cloth with magical properties visible only to those with the political discernment to appreciate it. She comports herself with gravitas, anticipating the moment when this fabulous attire can be paraded. But already doubting voices rise from crowd. Already people are impatient to know the cut and pattern of the suit. And the fear grows that the prime minister, oblivious to impending ridicule, will lead Britain, naked, into a dangerous world.

[11/29 Update: the proposed recommendations to be considered under Item 3 on the agenda, renumbered to follow the first set of 10, adopted in September.  The highlight indicates the recommendation is new, i.e., was not included in Karen Ray's list of proposed recommendations.]

[11/29 Update:  added links to agenda, memo, and recommendations after they were posted to the web page.]

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