Wednesday, January 18, 2017

PTTF: Agenda for Mtg 10

Senior housing and community voices will be featured in the Task Force's second-to last meeting this coming Monday, along with further discussion of what, if any organization will be implementing the Task Force's strategic plan, now in the final stages of development.

There's a new category of recommendations (now being referred to as "proposals") called "at-large", which "By invitation" is going to be presenting -- or that's what the agenda says, anyway.  It's anybody's guess what those terms mean in this context.  If anyone knows, how about leaving a comment for the benefit of the rest of us.  Update 1/22/17:  On Friday, 1/20, staff distributed to the MWHI Task Force and interested persons the list of proposals the Task Force will be considering, referred to on the list as "strategy recommendations."  Among them are "at large" proposals attributed to Northwest Seniors and People with Disabilities, Dr. Hal Boyd, the City of Salem, Marion County, and the Willamette PACE Team.  (The recommendations from CANDO and the Veterans Committee are, once again, not being put before the Task Force, and at this point, never will be.)  There's very little, if anything, new in this list.  Along with the proposals, staff distributed a memo titled "Homelessness in Salem" from the Steve Powers (Salem City Mgr) to the Mayor/Council.  This memo is the source of two of the "at large" proposals by the City of Salem (sobering station and one-stop resource center).  Neither the proposals or the memo have been posted to the TF web page.  The memo is posted below, with a few items that might be of particular community interest highlighted.

[Update 1/23/17: third set of recommendations (to be considered at today's meeting) posted below.]
[Update 1/24/17: added links from materials posted to TF website.]

[1/23/17 Update:  the third set of recommendations (a total of 20) (distributed by email on 1/20) have been pasted below, renumbered to follow the second set adopted in December, and the the first set, which were adopted in September.  The highlight indicates the recommendation is new, i.e., was not included in Karen Ray's list of proposed recommendations.  See a summary of recommendations here.]

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