Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Shangri-La: CoC Capacity Has Not Changed

Shangri-La admitted in a recent missive to local electeds that it and MWVCAA are still struggling to meet "HUD's changing requirements."

They don't, however, agree it would benefit "Marion and Polk Counties" to reform its CoC.  Why?  Because "resources" available through the ROCC are "greatly needed."

What are these resources?  "Knowledge of...HUD requirements and staff capacity."  Really?  There's no one outside ROCC with  knowledge or staff capacity?     

The letter goes on to note that funds currently going to Lincoln County would continue to go to Lincoln County in the event of a split.  (Eye-roll.)

Another concern the letter raises is the likely need for gap funding for HMIS licensing, maintenance  and training.
(Obvious, anticipated, and not impossible to overcome.)

Clearly, the individual who wrote this letter either hasn't a clue or doesn't care about the larger concerns that prompted the initial inquiries into whether Marion and Polk Counties should continue in the ROCC (aka OR 505 Balance of State), or re-form our own CoC.  It's only purpose is to squelch discussion.  No doubt that's why Shangri-La omitted to send their letter to us, even though it was our report that prompted it, and our mailing list they used to promote their protectionist viewpoint.  It's not the first time they've weighed in, though, and their case for staying in the ROCC just keeps getting weaker.  It's understandable that Shangri-La, having a substantial stake in maintaining the status quo, would want to squelch the discussion, but the discussion will continue, regardless.  It's to be hoped that Shangri-La will finally accept that, and join in. 

 [Update 5/13/17:  At the monthly meeting of the "Region 7 CoC Grantees" (which for the first time included a representative from Yamhill Community Action Partnership or YCAP, their not having previously been invited), the Shangri-La rep said she didn't object to the recommendation to proceed with planning, she objected to how the outreach was conducted.  She said there should have been "one meeting" (instead of the 50+ conversations), which was a pretty bizarre thing to say, considering we had spoken with her, early on, one-on-one, to get her views on the situation with ROCC, and told her we intended to conduct similar conversations will all the other area providers, and she did not object in any way.  Nor did she or anyone else say anything about wanting "one meeting" when our outreach efforts were discussed during subsequent "Region 7 CoC Grantees" meetings.  Nor did she attend the meetings of CANDO or the Salem Homeless Coalition where the matter was discussed, even though she was specifically invited.  Nor did she have a response when it was pointed out, during this most recent meeting (May 11), that she could have called together a meeting of area providers at any time she chose.]        

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  1. I know little about the ins and outs of the politics of this issue, but I applaud your continued efforts to bring more resources to Marion and Polk Counties. Susann Kaltwasser