Board Priorities

 Based on Resolution adopted September 15, 2015, below.

Level 1 Priority
  • Developing CANDO into a self-sustaining organization that fulfills the purpose of the City's Neighborhood Association Program described in SRC 64.250. (SRC 64.290(a));
  • Representing central area concerns before public bodies (SRC 64.290 (g));
  • Developing recommendations to submit to appropriate government agencies (SRC 64.290(l));
  • Holding meetings that provide information and the opportunity to hear from central area residents and businesses (SRC 64.290(k));
  • Engaging in at least 12 hours of community-service activities that will benefit the central area (SRC 64.290(o)).
Level 2 Priority
  • Educating and involving members in local government decision-making (SRC 64.290(e));
  • Advising the City in land use matters and general quality of life issues affecting the central area (SRC 64.290(f));
  • Identifying central area resources (SRC 64.290(h));
  • Identifying central area problems and needs (SRC 64.290(j));
Level 3 Priority
(in order of importance)
  1. Organizing central area community-involvement activities (SRC 64.290(d));
  2. Providing a central area-based problem-solving process (SRC 64.290(c));
  3. Gathering data on the central area as needed to fulfill CANDO’s responsibilities (SRC 64.290(i));
  4. Preparing and assisting in implementing a central area plan and coordinating with watershed councils whose boundaries overlap the central area’s (SRC 64.290 (m), (n) and (p)).

 + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +


Whereas CANDO was created around 1975 when the City Council of Salem adopted a resolution under SRC 64.250 et seq., recognizing the residents of downtown as an “official neighborhood association”, and

Whereas CANDO has certain enumerated responsibilities under SRC 64.290, and

Whereas CANDO has at present such limited resources and organizational capacity that it cannot reasonably expect to satisfy all of its responsibilities under SRC 64.290 in the near term, therefore, be it

Resolved, that for the remainder of the 2015-2016 year (and thereafter if no new priorities are adopted), CANDO resources, including but not limited to the time, effort and attention of its members at large and the members of the board of directors, be allocated toward the satisfaction of CANDO’s responsibilities under SRC 64.290 in the following order of priority:  First, to satisfy SRC 64.290 (a), (g), (k), (l), and (o).  Second, to satisfy SRC 64.290 (e), (f), (h), and (j).  Third, to satisfy the remaining responsibilities under SRC 64.290 in this order -- SRC 64.290 (d),(c), (i), (m), (n) and, lastly, (p). 

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