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What sorts of things has the CANDO Board been working on in recent years?  

Hosting a Ward 1 Candidates Forum at the Ike Box on February 23, 2020.

Passing Resolution 2020-1, recommending against a City-sponsored tent camping program.

Passing Resolution 2019-1, opposing enactment of Proposed Ordinance Bill 10-19 for a "Sidewalk Behavior Ordinance."

Participating on the City's "Good Neighbor Partnership" formed to ensure implementation of the Downtown Homeless Solutions Task Force recommendations.  (See here.)

Reaffirming its support for the effort to reform the Salem/Marion and Polk Counties CoC.

Recommending the City Manager's "Do nothing" option respecting implementation of the Food and Sundries Distribution to the Homeless Task force recommendations.

Supporting UGM's application for Urban Renewal funds to help build the new Men's Mission.  

Approving the use of communication funds to sponsor  Mid Valley Resources at the Silver Level.

Supporting a proposal to preserve the Salem Peace Mosaic.

Participating on the City's Food and Sundries Distribution to the Homeless Community Task Force (Feb-Mar 2019). 

Supporting the construction of restrooms at the north end of Riverfront Park.

Hosting a Community Conversation about the City's decision to ban free meals under the Marion Street Bridge.

Expressing concern about the City's proposal to remove Division Street trees for the purpose of creating street parking.

Supporting the creation of a Good Neighbor Partnership between downtown businesses and social services providers.

Evaluating the conditions of UGM's permit to relocate to the 700-800 block of Commercial Street.

Working with the City and CANDO members to develop an effective process for addressing non-emergent "quality of life" issues downtown. See, e.g., the Downtown Homeless Solutions Task Force (Mar-Aug 2018).

Evaluating the City's proposed sit/lie ordinance as an effective response to non-emergent "quality of life" issues downtown. 

Approving the use of communication funds to purchase personal flotation devices for Wallace Marine Park. 

Amending CANDO's bylaws. (Completed)

Recommending that the City initiate a pilot locker program for residents who have no other place to store their belongings. 

Responding to neighbors' concerns about "quality of life" issues on Church Street.  

Actively participating in the Salem Main Street program and the City's Strategic Planning Process.

Initiating planning to recreate the Marion - Polk Continuum of Care to more effectively plan and coordinate local homeless housing and services.

Obtaining grants to install additional playground equipment at Pringle Park.  (Completed)

Supporting bike boulevards and other pedestrian/bike/transportation safety and access initiatives.

Supporting solutions to the problems due to residents' lack of access to basic services, including after-hours toilet facilities.

Supporting revisions to Salem Revised Code, Chapter 86 (“Tree Code”).

Obtaining grants to install play equipment at Pringle Park and mutt-mitt and bike repair stations at Riverfront and other parks in CANDO.

Supporting the restoration of the Grand Theatre's original signage (replica). (Completed.) 

Supporting the annual High Street Hustle fitness event.

Collaborating with the Buell Grange on an Oregon Humanities Conversation Project “Toward One Oregon.” (Completed.)

The CANDO board has also been monitoring, and will continue to monitor, processes and decisions concerning the health of the City’s General Fund, the so-called quality-of-life issues and the adequacy of social services and affordable housing in the downtown area, seismic upgrades to the Center and Marion Street bridges, City Hall and the Library, the construction of the new Police Facility, and the regulation of mobile food units, marijuana dispensaries, and parking downtown.  In addition, CANDO routinely reviews variance and other types of requests respecting development, land use, traffic and city-owned trees in the downtown area.

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