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Annual Review April 2014

CAN-DO 2014 Review

Neighborhood Association Review Form
Date:  JUNE 17, 2014    
Neighborhood Association:    CAN-DO      
Chairperson:    Michael Livingston   
The following information is requested in order to show the neighborhood association’s adherence to the standards for continued recognition listed in Salem Revised Code (SRC), Chapter 64.280(b).  The “responsibilities” of neighborhood associations (SRC 64.290) are not addressed in this review, but it is recommended that neighborhood associations familiarize themselves with these as well.    The standards for recognition upon which these questions are based are listed in SRC 64.280(b).
1. The neighborhood association held a well-publicized annual meeting for the purpose of electing board members.  Yes
Date of Annual Meeting:       April 15, 2014
2. Has the neighborhood association made a reasonable effort to notify all residents, property owners, and businesses within the neighborhood association of meetings, studies, and other activities of the neighborhood association?  Yes

Describe how: The regular day, time and location for monthly board meetings are posted on the CAN-DO website and that same information, the agendas for monthly board meetings and the minutes of previous meetings are posted on the City of Salem website.  Board members hand-delivered fliers to neighborhood residences announcing the  date, time and location for CAN-DO's annual meeting.

3. The neighborhood association’s bylaws provide for the following:
 a. A decision-making process  Yes
 b. Board and general meeting minutes to be taken and filed with the City  Yes   
 c. Participation open to any resident, property owner, business in the neighborhood  Yes
4. The neighborhood association filed minutes of all official board and general meetings for this year with the City.  Yes
How many board and general meetings were there in the neighborhood association’s official year?   12   
How many of those minutes were filed with the City?   12     
If minutes are missing, what is their status?  Is there a compelling reason why they have not been filed?            

5. a) The neighborhood association set (an) annual Civic Involvement Goal(s) this year. Yes
    State goal(s) here:  Support and encourage the retention of the shade tree canopy in the neighborhood and the city.

b) The neighborhood association has set (an) annual Civic Involvement Goal(s) for this upcoming year. Yes
  State goal(s) here:  (1)  Continue to support and encourage the retention of the city’s shade tree canopy and changes to the Salem Revised Code and city policies that further that goal.   (2)  Increase participation and organizational capacity.                                   
6. Is your neighborhood association organized as a non-profit corporation?  No
If so, have you maintained its filings with the Oregon Secretary of State, and maintained its status in good standing?

7. Other information about your Neighborhood Association you feel relevant to this report (optional):                

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